How To Use Rigging Hardware And Matters Needing Attention

The use method and precautions of rigging hardware of the shackle series

1. Before operation, check whether the shackle type used is matched and whether the connection is firm and reliable.

2. It is forbidden to use bolts or metal rods instead of pins.

3. The impact and collision of expansion and contraction are allowed during the lifting process.

4. The pin shaft should rotate flexibly in the lifting hole, and there will be permanent jamming.

5. The body of the shackle shall not be subjected to lateral bending moment operations, that is, the bearing capacity shall be in the plane of the body.

6. When the bearing capacity in the plane of the body has different angles, the maximum working distortion of the shackle is also adjusted.

7. The maximum included angle between the two leg rigging carried by the shackle shall not be greater than 120°.

8. The shackle should correctly support the apex, that is, the force should be reduced on the inclination of the center line of the shackle, to avoid bending, variable deformation, and not to exceed it.

9. Avoid the eccentric spiral of the shackle.

10. When the shackle is used to tie up the rigging with the wire rope, the cross pin part of the shackle should be connected with the eyelet of the wire rope to avoid friction between the wire rope and the shackle when the rigging is lifted, causing the cross pin and The buckle body is separated.

11. According to the frequency of use of rigging hardware and the severity of the working conditions, a reasonable regular inspection should be determined. The regular inspection cycle should be extended by half a year, and the longest should not exceed one year, and inspection records should be made.

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